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DeedShield Review 2024 - Is it worth it?

Our world is changing fastly and technology is making our lives easier, however, it is also making it easier for criminals to steal your information and use the title of your home. FBI regularly warns of deed and mortgage frauds and house stealing resulting in a loss of equity or home titles.

Deed and mortgage frauds are rising every day and the situation is especially alarming in Florida. According to the recent troubling reports by Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Florida ranks 1st in fraud reports and 4th in identity theft reports nationwide. 

The threat is real and every homeowner should take adequate steps to protect their homes. Don’t be a victim, you need to protect yourself from his dangerous fraud. But how?

Here is the answer to the worries of all Florida dwellers. DeedShield, an online home protection service provider aims at providing you with maximum coverage against all deed and mortgage frauds. With DeedShield, protecting your home deed or title is no longer a difficult task. 

You can easily lay off your stress regarding home protection and enjoy a peaceful life. Interested to live a secure and peaceful life? Then let’s see how DeedShield helps you in this regard. 

What Is DeedShield?

Best Identity Protection

DeedShield is one of the most effective home protection services against deed frauds, mortgages, and criminals stealing your home title or equity. Shielding you and your property from criminals was never as easy as it has become with this online platform. 

The fraud monitoring or fight against fraud can take up to $25,000. However, with DeedShield, you can get premium protection services at only $0.33 per day. 

With DeedShield you do not have to worry about your home title, online information, or any other property. It offers you full coverage with convenience and comfort. 

To know more about this terrific defense partner, keep reading. 

How Does DeedShield Work?

DeedShield was established by a Florida attorney and title agent. Once you subscribe to this platform, it performs three functions

  • Monitor all ownership transfers, and deed transactions 
  • Notify the owner when anything unexpected or fraudulent activity occurs
  • Assist in terminating that fraudulent activity 

To perform all these functions, DeedShield offers every active member $25,000 for legal defense and title work during active membership. 

Moreover, to give you premium and matchless protection services, DeedShield also monitors

  • The County’s property appraiser website
  • The county’s tax collector website
  • The county’s public records
  • Florida’s Department of State website for corporations and companies

Thus with DeedShield, you can start living a stress-free and secure life in a cost-effective manner. 

To know further how DeedShield can protect your home or home title, Let’s discuss its features in detail. 

Why is DeedShield the Best – Features

DeedShield provides you with comprehensive coverage to protect your property and hard-earned assets from fraud. Let’s see how this happens.

  1. Delivers Handsome Amount For Legal Defense

DeedShield offers all of its active members a fixed amount of $25,000 for their legal defense and clears the impact of any kind of fraudulent activities on your deeds or property. However, this offer is only valid when you are an active member of DeedShield.

  1. Constant Monitoring

Another important feature of DeedShield that stands it apart from other protection service providers is constant monitoring. It constantly monitors the county’s property appraiser website, the county’s tax collector website, the county’s public record, and the Florida Department of State website. 

  1. Increased Protection

No matter whether you own a home with no equity or mortgage or a home owned by an elderly person, guardian, or trust, DeedShield is the best protection service provider for you. It gives you and your property increased protection from all kinds of fraud. 

Moreover, the services are equally suitable for homes owned by investors or companies. 

  1. No Middle Man

Mostly, issues are created when a middleman is involved in the process. The involvement of the middleman not only enhances the cost but also delays the process. This is the reason no middleman is involved here.

DeedShield completely recognized the fact that your home title or deed is confidential information and to protect this information, no middleman in the form of an agency, IT company, or individual should be involved. 

DeedShield thus looks after all matters itself and it is the most suitable frontline protection for your home deed. 

  1. No Contract/Hidden Fee

DeedShield has kept everything very simple and straightforward to ensure reliable, integral, and trustworthy services. There is no contract, hidden charges, or any kind of surprises. DeedShield only aims to provide you full fraud coverage for your home deed. 

  1. Comprehensive Coverage

With DeedShield, you will get comprehensive coverage against every kind of fraud and you need not worry about your property or home deeds. 

Once you subscribe to DeedShield and become an active member, you do not need any kind of title insurance, property insurance, or credit monitoring. Since these insurances do not offer cover against deed or mortgage fraud. 

Deedshield Pricing

Unlike other protection service providers, DeedShield does not offer different pricing plans for its different users rather it has only one membership plan. 

The membership plan is kept both simple and cost-effective to ensure maximum accessibility and outreach. 

Best Identity Protection

Any of you interested in getting the membership have to pay $9.99 per month and the monthly membership plan includes title defense credit up to $25,000 and continuous monitoring of different county public records.

To start membership you just have to fill in this simple information and you will become an active member of DeedShield

Best Identity Protection

Unfortunately, DeedShield services are only present in Florida, and property owners living in Florida can avail of these services. 

What Do People Think About DeedShield? – Reviews

Best Identity Protection
Best Identity Protection

All users subscribing to the membership plan of DeedShield have applauded its effectiveness in monitoring every kind of fraud at home. It allows you to lay off all of your stress regarding home or property protection and enjoy peace of mind.

Some of the reviewers have even highlighted that without DeedShield they had to bear a huge loss and subscribing to it before would have saved them from this loss. 

Pros & Cons of DeedShield – Is It Worth Spending?

Pros: What Do We Like?

Cons: What We Don’t Like?

  • There is only one membership plan
  • The services are only available in Florida

Final Thoughts – Verdict

To conclude, DeedShield is one of the best home protection service providers that give you maximum and comprehensive coverage against all types of deeds and mortgage fraud. The services provided by DeedShield are not only reliable and trustworthy but also cost-effective as no middle is involved in the whole process. 

Moreover, it offers increased protection to any kind of property or home with no contract or hidden fees. Thus, everything is kept simple and clear to ensure convenient and reliable services. 

However, you can avail of its protection services if you live in Florida as its services are only available in Florida. 

Meta Description: DeedShield offers you the best home protection services against deed and mortgage fraud and criminals stealing your home equity.

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Review Rating (361)

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