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Aura Review 2024 - Is it worth it?

With the increasing technological developments and advancements, incidents of identity theft and financial fraud are becoming very common. 

There are many cases in which your identity has been used for illegal activities or crimes. And in other cases, your house is being sold even without notifying you. The statistics have shown that more than 47% of Americans face financial identity theft in 2020. 

To avoid such incidents, it is essential to subscribe to reliable protection services. However, where to go and which platform is the best one are common questions hovering in everyone’s mind. To solve this problem, this article will unveil the most reliable platform to protect your home, identity, and financial accounts. 

So, stop worrying and start living a happy and secure life with Aura. For further details, keep reading. 

What Is Aura?

Best Identity Protection

Aura is one of the most effective platforms to protect and secure your vital assets. The most important assets in everyone’s life are home, identity, and financial accounts. Aura promises to protect all of these assets at less than $1 per day. 

With Aura, you will need not worry about your home protection. Your identity will be secured, you will be prevented from title fraud, and your financial accounts will also be saved. 

Many of you must have subscribed to different home insurance plans. However, you should know that your home insurance cannot prevent you from title fraud. Since even after home insurance, you are equally prone to stealing home equity to use it as collateral or selling your house without even intimating you. 

Therefore, all of you must need home protection and you can never find a partner better than Aura. 

You must be wondering what Aura is and how it protects you. Worry not, here are the detailed answers to your questions. 

What Does Aura Do?

Aura is a digital protection platform that aims to provide you with reliable protection services  anywhere at any time. The platform offers protection for 

With Aura, you need not worry about your important assets and enjoy ultimate peace of mind. To know how this happens, keep reading

How  Does Aura Give You Protection – Features of Aura?

Aura offers you specialized tools and instruments to secure your identity and financial accounts and prevent you from title fraud. These tools are discussed below:

  1. Monitors Public Records

Your identity and home protection will no longer be an issue with Aura. Since Aura monitors all public records related to your identity and home. Therefore, you will get immediate notice in case of any unauthorized changes within your house or identity. 

  1. Offers Fraud Alerts

Fraudulent activities are becoming increasingly common these days and finding reliable protection services has become extremely important

Since when it is the case of home protection or identity, every second matters.  However, once you subscribe to Aura, you need not worry about such things. Aura offers fraud alerts up to four times faster than its competitors. 

  1. Provides Cover For Identity Theft

The services of Aura not only include fraud alerts but also promise to provide you reliable protection in case any identity fraud or theft has happened. 

Aura has promised that it will give you a cover of $1 million for all fees and eligible losses. 

  1. Secures Financial Information

Aura also aims to take care of your financial accounts and strives to prevent you from any financial loss through digital safety services. 

It will provide you immediate notice in case your social security number, health insurance IDs, registered online accounts, and any financial information is disclosed online. 

  1. Protects Online Devices

With the increasing invasion of information technologies and the wide availability of the internet, our online devices are also more prone to viruses. 

Aura also provides adequate coverage to your online devices. It automatically either removes or isolates malware like trojans, ransomware and other viruses and keeps your device safe. You can enjoy smooth-running devices with Aura. 

  1. Preserves Confidentiality Of Online Activity

Your online activity is something really personal as it guides and provides information about your identity. Therefore, preserving its confidentiality is extremely important. 

Aura will not regret you here as well. Since it will keep prying eyes away from you and prevent them from accessing your online activity. With Aura, you can bank and shop online more securely and privately via its military-grade encryption. 

  1. Ensures 24/7 Support

Another important feature of this amazing protection service platform is that it offers 24/7 expert support. The experienced White Gove fraud resolution team will help whenever you have a problem or need expert opinion or advice. You can contact the team via email or phone to both avoid or address various types of fraudulent cases. 

Pricing Plans of Aura

Aura offers you three risk-free plans. You can pick any of them that suits your needs. The platform also offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Once you subscribed to any plan, lay off all your worries and stress as Aura promises 24/7 customer support to answer your queries and provide you with all information you need. 

Let’s have a look at the pricing plans of Aura.

Best Identity Protection

Individual Plan

This plan is perfect for individuals as the name indicates. In case you subscribe immediately, then Aura will give you a 33% discount. 

You can either choose to pay the bill monthly or yearly. In the case of a monthly plan, you will have to pay only $13/per month.


Aura has a special plan for couples looking for protection services. And the features offered in this plan offer the best value for money. 

The couples will get a discount of 37% on applying now and they can also choose to bill either monthly or yearly. The monthly bill will only be $18 per month.


When you are a family then your needs are definitely larger than those of a couple, therefore, Aura is offering a separate plan for families. 

The families will get a 42% discount on applying nowadays. They also have the option to choose between monthly or yearly bills. And the monthly will be only $29 per month.

What Are People Saying – Reviews

Aura is becoming increasingly popular due to its effective protection services. With this platform, your home, identity, and financial accounts are completely safe from any fraud or forgery. 

The platform even gives you adequate coverage in case of any fraud or identity theft. Moreover, your online devices are also completely safe from all types of antiviruses that may influence the performance of your devices. 

Another worth mentioning thing is their 24/7 customer support and efficient customer service. Some of the reviewers have highlighted that they shifted to Aura because of its excellent customer support services. Hence, all of its users are completely satisfied with its services and posted positive reviews. 

Best Identity Protection

Moreover, the popularity and effectiveness of the platform in providing protection services are also evident from the fact that it is featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, WSJ, Money, and

Thus, all of the users enjoying a relaxed and stress-free life with Aura have recommended others must try this digital protection service platform.

Is It Legit – Pros & Cons


  • Offers affordable pricing plans
  • Discounts are available in case of all pricing plans
  • Offers fast theft alerts
  • Provides you with adequate coverage in case of frauds and thefts
  • 24/7 expert opinion and customer services
  • Secures your identity, financial accounts, devices, and online activity


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Final Verdict

Aura is the most reliable and trustworthy platform to protect your house, identity, and financial accounts. With this platform, you will not have to worry about any kind of theft or fraudulent activities. 

Moreover, it offers affordable pricing plans for individuals, couples, and families, therefore, any of you can easily avail of their services and enjoy protected life.

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Review Rating (317)

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