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American Title Lock Review 2024 - Is it worth it?

The majority of people are surprised to know about the accessibility of their home or property’s equity to criminals. And these criminals steal their houses even without notifying them. According to the recent estimates of the FBI, title fraud and home fraud schemes are a $1.4 billion problem and it is one of the fastest growing white collar crimes in America. 

Unfortunately, very little effort has been done to avoid such fraud. Though some counties have developed registries that notify the owners in case of any change in the property title. However, notifying owners is useless as criminals have already stolen the funds. Therefore, something has to be done to avoid becoming a target. 

American Title Lock is the only company in the United States that help you in this regard. It allows you to hard your property and decreases incentives for criminals through its patent Title Freeze process. Once your property is locked up, then criminals will be having no reason to target your property. 

To further understand how American Title Lock protects your home and property, keep reading.

What Is American Title Lock?

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American Title Lock aims to protect your home or property with premium Title Freeze services. Title Freeze is a comprehensive process to eradicate the incentives for thieves to target your property or home. 

The platform promises to provide you with the highest quality customer services and freezing and unfreezing titles without any stress. 

This is the reason that the success rate of the Title Freeze process is 100% and the majority of customers have given overwhelmingly positive responses. Consequently,  the services are now available to all individuals residing in the United States. 

Thus, subscribing to American Title Lock means you no longer need to worry about your home, property, or its valuable equity, as its susceptibility to fraud will be minimized nearly to zero. 

Interested in avail of Title Freeze? Let’s further explore this platform. 

Why American Title Lock Is Necessary?

You can become a target of title fraud if you have a property with equity. It’s a matter of only one signature and your equity is gone. Your property with equity is prone to two types of theft which are as below

  1. Grant Deed Theft

The criminal companies or lone wolves can determine the target properties with equity very easily and then simply forge and record a grant deed. 

Such fraudulent individuals or companies can easily transfer your property into their names or take a large loan on behalf of your property with intention of never paying back. All such activities not only put your property at stake but also add stress to your life. 

  1. Quitclaim Deed Theft

You can lose your property with only one forged signature. The criminals can easily transfer your property into their name and then either sell or borrow money through your property as collateral even without notifying you. And you are left with only legal bills and no equity. 

How Does American Title Lock Work?

American Title Lock offers ultimate protection to your home or property via Title Freeze. The Title Freeze allows you to lock your property’s title and equity and live a calm and secure life. Title Freeze works through these simple steps

  • Signup and provide all necessary information on your property
  • Freeze the title and equity of your property
  • Unfreeze your property whenever you want to use its equity

To further understand how American Title lock works, Let’s discuss its features in detail.  

How American Title Lock is Different From Others – Features

American Title Lock is the only company in the US that protects your property from title fraud through its patent Title Freeze process. The detailed features that make it stand alone among other protection service providers are discussed below

  1. Offers Maximum Protection

American Title Lock provides you with maximum protection from all kinds of title fraud. Whether it is house stealing, deed fraud, or property fraud, with American Title Lock, you need not worry about anything. 

Once you subscribe to American Title Lock, your property is secured and the fraudster has no incentive to victimize you. Your property becomes harder for criminals and they move to an easier target.  

  1. Patent Title Freeze

Patent Title Freeze is the patent process of American Title Lock and it is offered only by this company. It hardens your property’s title, blocks criminals to steal your property equity, and eradicates the risk of title fraud. 

It locks the equity and relieves the risks of scammers. However, you can also use it whenever you want by unfreezing your property.

  1. Freeze And Unfreeze Property Anytime

With Title Freeze, you can freeze or unfreeze your property anytime. To freeze your property and prevent your equity from stealing, American Title Lock either records all documents at your local county clerk digitally or uses a courier service to do paperwork on your behalf. 

On the other hand, if you want to access your equity to sell or refinance, the company either records the documents to unfreeze your property at your local country clerk digitally or through courier services. 

  1. Effective Customer Service

Another important feature that keeps it distinct from other service providers is its effective customer service. You can start benefitting from Title Freeze either by signing up or calling (800) 532-1613. 

  1. Preserves Your Personal Credit Score

With American Title Lock, your personal credit score remains intact. It has nothing to do with your personal credit score as it is related to your creditworthiness. 

According to the advice of the majority of financial and security experts, you should place a credit freeze on your personal credit at every bureau. Since it is one of the most effective ways to evade fraudsters from taking out your credit. 

Pricing Plans of American Title Lock

American Title Lock does not offer different pricing plans having different features for various types of users. There are only two options to avail of Title Freeze services. 

Free Trial

In the first case, American Title Lock allows you to avail of Title Freeze services free of cost with 100% guaranteed protection. The free trial is valid for 30 days. 

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Title Freeze Premier

The second option is Title freeze premier and you have to pay a monthly amount in this case. Once your trial ends and you are 100% satisfied with the services of American Title lock, then you have only one membership plan in which you have to pay $9 per month. 

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Any of you having a property with equity can be a target and you should gain protection. To protect your equity, log on to American Title Lock.

What People Think About American Title Lock – Reviews

The majority of the users subscribing to this platform for protecting their homes against title fraud have applauded its effectiveness in providing maximum protection. No matter whether you want to protect your property from deed fraud or property fraud, American Title Lock is equally suitable for you. 

Moreover, it offers commendable customer service. You can easily start benefitting from the patent Title Freeze process by either signing up or calling the given number. 

However, the process through which the Title Freeze works and offers protection to your property is not clearly explained.

Is It Legit – Pros & Cons

Pros: What Do We Like?

  • 25 years of extensive experience in real state
  • Highest quality customer service
  • Title Freeze services are available everywhere in the US

Cons: What We Don’t Like?

  • The process through which the Title Freeze works or your property is hardened for criminals is not explained well
  • The process of freezing and unfreezing your property is not explained in detail

Final Words

In conclusion, American Title Lock offers you the best home protection services from all types of title fraud. The protection services are provided through its patent Title Freeze process that freezes your property and makes it unavailable for criminals. And whenever you need the equity of the property, you can unfreeze it as well. 

Thus, American Title Lock providing protection services all across the United States is the best way to lock up your home’s equity and live a peaceful life. 

Meta Description: American Title Lock is the best way to lock up your home equity and protects it from every kind of title fraud.  

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